Built on 94 Years of Experience

Since the late 1920s, Lazy SV Ranch has grown from a small homestead built from the trees that surrounded it, to a thriving, working ranch. Our passion for growing and raising food for our family fuels our commitment to producing food for our community and beyond.

  • Meet Your Ranchers

    Errol grew up on the Ranch but Ang is a born and raised city girl with deep agriculture roots. They work together year round to raise quality beef for various markets. Never satisfied with the status quo, they both look for ways to improve their operation.

  • The Ranch Hands

    No ranch is complete without a herd of hands to help out. Our 4 ranch hands love the rural lifestyle. They will gladly skip a day of school to help out and are building their own cow herds. They all have big dreams and we LOVE watching them work towards them.

  • I'll Love You for Heifer

    Calm replacement heifers are a great resource on the ranch. They are easier to handle at calving time and will be great mothers. We spend many hours during the winter getting them used to us moving and moving around them.

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